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Our shop is proud to carry a large selection of bikes including Santa Cruz, Specialized, Ibis, Brompton and more!
Electric bikes include Specialized Levo, Vado and Rocky Mountain Power Play!


Designing advanced bikes and equipment that make your ride better.

Whether you’re getting dirty on cyclocross bikes, leaving it all on the road, or testing your limits in a triathlon, you can rest assured that the bike underneath you is simply the best with Specialized.

High Trails Cyclery offers a wide selection of Specialized bikes, components and accessories to fuel your next ride.

Come in and take a look at our wide selection of bikes.


Dedicated to making the world's best mountain bikes

We are excited to carry Santa Cruz bikes, manufacturers of 16 models of mountain bike which includes a full women’s Juliana range.

Made from either carbon fiber or aluminum, Santa Cruz bikes cover everything from hardtails to 8.5″ travel downhill machines.

They offer two suspension technologies; efficient single-pivot designs on certain aluminium bikes, and our advanced VPP (Virtual Pivot Point) technology on all high end models.


Ibis was one of the early adopters of carbon fiber for bike frames, and 20 years into it, they are building some of the finest bikes we’ve had the pleasure of working with.

Ibis bikes don’t tend to follow any extreme geometry trends, they are build for the every-day rider who values workmanship and ride quality.


Each Brompton is handmade in London with many customisable parts to make it perfect for you. Its ability to fold into a small, portable package make the Brompton ideal for city living.

It folds down to a portable, practical size so can be taken on other forms of public and private transport. It can also be taken inside (homes, offices, bars) so it is a lot less likely to be stolen.

Its ride position and agility are more than a match for conventional bicycles. Small wheels mean fast acceleration from red lights and increased maneoverability through busy streets.

Build your Brompton Bike today!

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