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We teach mountain biking skills and techniques in a fun and casual environment. From the basics, including how to mount and dismount your bike, how to balance your body while riding, how to go uphill and downhill to more advance techniques including pedaling, braking, gearing/shifting, climbing and descending, switchbacks, to expert techniques for riders wanting to learn how to launch, drop and jump, we have the perfect lesson for your skill level.

We also cover trail etiquette and basic bike fit and maintenance.
Pick-Up Service
Available within San Francisco.


Distance: 5-20 miles
Time: 4-6 hours (pickup to dropoff)

All lessons include:
• Professional tour guide
• Transportation
• Hydration
• Power food
• Pedals of your choice
• Helmets, gloves, knee pads, elbow pads available upon request.

1 person: $300
2 people: $275/person
3 or more people: $250/person

*Bikes are NOT included in tour pricing
Need A Bike? We have you covered!
Full-Suspension Mountain Bike: + $100
Full-Suspension Electric Mountain Bike: + $125
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